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General HR Support


With experience of working within a range of different company structures, cultures, and sizes, there is a variety of services that can be provided. My support can be tailormade to your needs so the list below are just a few suggestions;


  • An on call HR 'sounding board' for CEO's and MD's to bounce ideas and problems off.

  • Designing or reviewing your HR strategy to ensure it successfully supports your business growth and/or KPI’s, as well as implementing tracking systems to measure results.

  • Organisational design review and support in restructuring and redundancies, including recruitment and training of a new HR team and supporting the set-up of a new department.

  • Mentoring Heads of Departments.

  • Developing simple and easy to implement performance review and management frameworks.

  • Developing policies and procedures for your business including employment contracts, staff handbooks, and operational manuals.

  • Advice and support for ER issues, including case management.

  • Developing a communication strategy that reaches and listens to all levels of employees.

  • Reviewing customer experience health in a business, and making recommendations for improvement and tracking programs.

  • Reviewing reward, recognition, compensation and benefits schemes and making recommendations for improvement, linking to business KPIs.

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