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Employee Relations


The landscape of Employment law is constantly moving, and if you dont have a specialist to sense check your decisions, you could get yourself and the company into trouble. In addition the way you handle disciplinaries and grievances helps to define your reputation as an employer and the culture of the business.


My approach to Employee Relations issues is very commercial and I don't believe in long protracted processes if there is a different way to resolve the complaint, ensuring good practise and respecting the boundaries of the law.


The company may have recently gone through a period of change giving rise to a number of complaints, or the disciplinaries and grievances may have just all 'appeared' at once.  Whatever the case I can provide advice and support as an HR presence during meetings, end of the phone advice, coaching managers through difficult cases, and full case management including finding the right legal representation and supporting through any tribunal proceedings. 


I can also advise on organisational design and support in restructuring and redundancies, as well and reviewing and updating your existing terms and conditions and policies.


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